What is Key-Me-Please?

We realized that it would be much more efficient if the person who was going to receive our encrypted post could be the source that decided what sort of controls each post had. For example, if someone wanted to secure a post with a password, they would need to communicate that password SOME HOW with the recipient. What about restricting the viewing of a post to a certain IP address or user-agent string? Both?

Key-Me-Please allows users to do just that. The recipient can build a key that can then be sent to the sender. When the sender prepares text using a key-me-please key, then that post will be secured using the details provided by the recipient. This includes custom passwords, ip address or user agent strings! If you want to send text to someone and restrict it to just their IP address - with no password - you can do that as well. Atleast one criterion is required - or use them all!

To get started, use the form below or redirect your users to the Key-Me-Please page and have them send you their unique key to create secure posts. Need more information? Check out our FAQs!

User-agent String:

IP Address:

Secret: Optional

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